This year's World Mitochondrial Disease Week will be Monday 16 – Sunday 22 September 2024.


  • LHON Awareness Day: Thursday 19 September
  • Light Up for Mito: Saturday 21 September
  • TK2D Awareness Day: TBC

An initiative of International Mito Patients (IMP)World Mitochondrial Disease Week is an annual campaign that raises awareness of mito through educational, fundraising and advocacy activities.

This is a meaningful occasion where the global community unites to raise awareness of mito. We will hold a number of events, illuminate landmarks in green all over the world, and spread the word by sharing stories and mito facts.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

You can read 2022 World Mitochondrial Disease Week wrap up here.

2023 theme: fatigue

Fatigue is a common symptom across all 350+ genetic mutations that fall under the umbrella of mito. By increasing awareness about this crucial aspect, we can foster a greater understanding of the disease and encourage the development of effective interventions and treatments.

Light Up For Mito

Saturday 22 September 2024

Light Up for Mito is a global campaign involving illuminating landmarks in green to raise awareness of mito.

In 2023, 98 monuments were confirmed in Australia! Thank you so much to the mito community members for making this happen.

Please contact us if you have any monuments in your area.


Send a virtual gift !

You can share the FREE animated Light Up for Mito eCard to help brighten the futures of people impacted by mito. We have three wonderful designs for you!

Munch for Mito

Get together with friends to enjoy some of your favourite treats, raise a glass and help raise much-needed awareness.

The Mito Foundation Awards

We are fortunate to work with incredible individuals who go the extra mile to support people with mito. We acknowledge individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the mito community in the past year.

Award winners were announced during World Mitochondrial Disease Week. Their achievements will be celebrated on Friday 20 October at the Mito Foundation Awards Night, as part of the Mito Community Summit.

LHON Awareness Day event

On Wednesday 20 September 1:00-3:00am AEST (in Europe 19 September 17:00-19:00 CEST), IMP hosted a free live online event "LHON and the Family" for the LHON (Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy) community.

Now recorded video is available! 

Help spread the word about mito

The World Mitochondrial Disease Week website is filled with helpful resources that you can use to share on social media to raise awareness about mito.