Your Donations at Work

Your donations are making a substantial difference to people affected by mitochondrial disease (mito). You have enabled services to support patients today, while providing hope for the future by funding research and advocacy. Thank you!

In the first half of 2020, your generous donations have delivered:

Five newly funded research projects

Five Research Grants Awarded

These include 3 PhD Top-up Scholarships to up-and-coming researchers in mitochondrial medicine and 2 highly innovative projects with the potential to drive radical change in the understanding, treatment and management of mitochondrial disorders.

Increased volume of Mito Connect Calls

15 Mito Connect Calls Held

Of the 15 Mito Connect Calls, 9 were specifically focused on emotional wellbeing. Increased to weekly events to help combat the isolation and uncertainty experienced by mito patients during the COVID-19 crisis.

Nationwide Digital Support Groups

5 Digital Support Group established

Five new Digital Support Groups were established to keep mito patients connected in their local communities. Volunteer group leaders were provided with training in support group facilitation to amplify the benefit to attendees.

Immediate support for COVID-19 concerns

226 cases of support

226 cases of support provided to the mito community via the Helpline. 63% of Helpline calls during March and April were related to COVID-19.

One-on-one Outreach Calls

Over 100 Outreach Calls

100+ outreach calls offering personalised support and advice to members of the mito community including help with interpreting the public health directives to suit the unique context of mito families.

Improved access to critical information

One Pilot Digital Information Day

One Pilot Digital Mito Information Day to allow more mito patients across Australia to access the latest information and research from expert speakers. This paved the way for two more Digital Mito Information Days during the COVID-19 crisis.

Tailored care in a time of crisis

69 Cases supported by the Patient Pathways Program

69 cases supported by the Patient Pathways Program including 37 new clients, with 87% of participants reporting a reduction in anxiety since joining the program. Areas of support included the development of treatment plans, referrals and assistance with personal and emergency care plans.

Relaunched "Maybe It's Mito" GP Education module

1 Relaunched Maye It's Mito GP education program

One relaunched Maybe It’s Mito GP education module for 2020 to improve the understanding of mito among the medical profession and increase rates of diagnosis. This will help thousands of Australians by facilitating earlier access to specialist care and improved symptom management.

Next steps to introduce mitochondrial donation in Australia

Public release of the Expert Statement and Consultation Report

The Expert Statement and Consultation Report sent to Federal Minister for Health Greg Hunt were publicly released, announcing the outcomes and recommendations of the NHMRC’s (National Health and Medical Research Council’s) work on mitochondrial donation. The Mito Foundation continues to engage with stakeholders on legalising mitochondrial donation and expects next steps to be confirmed soon.