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By championing for research, you will be a champion for people with mito. One baby is born every week that will die from mitochondrial disease. Their short life is spent fighting this debilitating condition with no treatment and no cure.

Together we can change this!

One Australian baby born each week will develop a severe or life-threatening form of mito. There are no cures and few effective treatments.

We will seek out and fund the most cutting edge, innovative and promising new research into mitochondrial disease. Discoveries of treatments and cures will mean people impacted by mito will live full lives.

Be a champion for research and help our scientists and medical professionals uncover new ways to diagnose, treat and ultimately cure this disease.

With your support, in the not-too-distant future, end the suffering from mito. 

Your donations will be like building blocks each contributing, along with others, to uncover new findings about mito and building towards a cure.

By championing for research, you will be a champion for people impacted by mito.

Meet some of our mito warriors...

Mito does not discriminate.  Anybody you know could have mitochondrial disease; it affects anyone at any age. Here are some people might relate to...

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Rebecca was working towards her dream job as a hairdresser and her life was so full of fun - until she began experiencing chronic stomach pain. After suffering years of ongoing symptoms, she was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease at the age of 19. With no cure or treatment, she has to manage her symptoms as much as she can. Bec is committed to advancing research to help herself and others in her position to at lead normal lives.




Baby Ziya and her family benefited from advances in genetic diagnostics, receiving a relatively early diagnosis for Ziya’s rare form of mito. Unfortunately, she passed away before she could benefit from the developments in novel treatments and cures we hope to discover with your support. Let’s come together to champion research in Ziya’s honour so no family needs to experience the suffering of losing a child to mito.



Some forms of mito are hereditary, this means that multiple generations in families like Sean’s can be impacted at once. Sean lost his mother and his brother to a disease that is today causing suffering for his sisters. And it could also affect him one day. With your support, research progress will mean Sean’s family won’t have to lose another family member to this cruel disease, and developments in IVF techniques may mean they will no longer continue to pass down this cruel disease to future generations.

Why Your Support Matters

With your support, we can end the suffering from mito in the not-too-distant future.

Mito research champions will help us seek out and fund the most cutting edge, innovative and promising research into mitochondrial disease. Each new discovery is a promising step forward for people impacted by mito today.

Why Give Monthly

  • The combined efforts of a group of Mito Champions can drive significant change. Alone this is monumental, together it is achievable
  • Be at the forefront of change by championing new innovative research that will uncover treatments and cures.
  • Know that your part of the change via regular email updates about the progress we’re making together towards a cure.

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