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We urgently need Mito Champions to help
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Mitochondrial disease is a debilitating and potentially fatal disease that robs people of the energy needed to sustain life.

At least 1 in 200 people are at risk.

Mito cells create 90% of your body’s energy. The parts of the body that need the most energy – the heart, brain, muscles and lungs –are the most impacted by this disease.

When the mitochondria aren't functioning properly, an "energy crisis" can develop, leading to seizures, heart conditions, strokes, muscle weakness, deafness, blindness, liver and kidney failure, and death.

It can hit anyone at any age without warning.

That’s why we are calling on our supporters to become monthly donors.

With no government funding, we rely on Mito Champions to stand up for the people and families living with this terrible disease.

Your monthly gift will support people
living with mito and help find cures.

Your monthly gift will help support
Mito Champions like Rex.

Meet Rex...

Rex is just one of the little champions your support will help…

At just eight months old, Rex was diagnosed with a type of mito called Leigh Syndrome.

Rex’s parents, Liza and Cameron, first noticed something was wrong with their little boy when he got a cold and became overly lethargic. He gradually stopped crying, smiling, focusing and couldn’t grasp objects.

Their world was shattered when the doctors told them that Rex would not make it to his first birthday.

But Rex has defied all the odds, turning 10 years old in September 2018. He is wheelchair bound, can’t walk or talk, and needs to be fed through a feeding tube. Despite the physical challenges, he continually surprises his family, with his increasing levels of comprehension. Rex uses a communication device to communicate and access the school curriculum. But it is more than that – it is allowing his cheeky personality to shine through.

Thanks to a prenatal test used to detect birth defects and genetic diseases, Rex has two healthy siblings, Ted and Millie. They adore Rex and he adores them. Read more about Rex’s story here.

Why Give Monthly

  • Increase your total impact and allow the Mito Foundation to plan ahead and invest in long-term solutions
  • Save yourself time by reducing your personal admin and ensure you are taking advantage of tax deductions
  • Show your commitment to supporting the Mito Community
  • Provide regular ongoing support to research into treatments and cures for Mito
  • Become part of a group of Mito Champions and receive regular updates on the difference you are making and invitations to special events

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