Mito Community Advisory Panel

Mito Community Advisory Panel

The Mito Community Advisory Panel has been established to improve communication between the Mito Foundation and the mito community. It will provide us with feedback regarding priorities to invest resources. We will in turn use the panel to validate our ideas on support that may be provided to the community.

Structure of the panel

The panel includes patients, carers and parents from each state. We want it be as diverse as possible with both sexes, a range of ages and a variety of mitochondrial disorders represented.

The duties of the panel members are to:

  • Act as a representative for the Mito Foundation in their state
  • Communicate with members of the mito community
  • Attend quarterly meetings held via teleconference, which will be held approximately two weeks before Mito Foundation Board meetings. Agenda and minutes from these meetings will be made publicly available.
  • Present findings from their meeting to Mito Foundation board meetings in February, May, August and November.

The Mito Community Advisory Panel members are:

Mia BellMia Bell – South Australia representative
Deputy Chair

Originally from Adelaide, Mia was living in the UK when she was diagnosed with Mitochondrial Myopathy 3302 A>G in 2003. This diagnosis was reconfirmed in Australia in 2014.

Now living back in Adelaide, Mia works part time and has two primary school aged children. There is an extensive family history of mito. Mia runs the South Australian support group for Mito Foundation and volunteers on the Patient Support Network

Contact Mia – 0408 084 677 or

Fiona Elmer

Fiona Elmer – Western Australia representative

Fiona is a geologist with a research background and has two children under the age of four. Since her eldest child Aidan was diagnosed with mito in October 2014, both Fiona and her husband Dan have been involved with several events to raise awareness of mito and funds for research into treatments and cures.

Fiona has played a vital role in organising Support Group Meetings in Perth and continues to work in the community. She wants to use her experiences to help others going through similar life events in any way she can. She realises that it can be hard and at times lonely being a parent of a child with a serious health issue and is willing to talk openly about her experiences.

Contant Fiona – 0417 383 940 or