The Mito Foundation provides resources to empower individuals to make informed choices and help navigate life with mitochondrial disease (mito). 

Practical information for living with mito

You can help manage fatigue including looking after your physical and mental health.

A healthy diet can give you more energy and help your mitochondria function well.

Regular exercise will increase your fitness, improve your physical and mental health and help you feel fit and strong.

Advance care planning is the process of planning for your future health care.

A diagnosis of mito for you or a loved one can be very stressful.

Planning will ensure your travel is as enjoyable as possible. You can download this factsheet is designed to help you plan a successful trip.

Information about government support and payments you may be entitled to.

Often the first time teachers hear about mito is when a child in their school is diagnosed.

Information on a wide range of topics via fact sheets, videos, expert presentations and third party resources.

Useful Webpages

For Newly Diagnosed

A useful guide for your first steps towards living with mito

For Adults Managing Mito

A guide to key services and resources for adults to manage mito

For Parents and Children Managing Mito

A guide to key services and resources for parents and/or children to manage mito


Call the Mito Helpline to talk to a support officer for general advice, assistance in seeking a referral or more information on Mito Foundation support services.

Attend a support event in your local area or online, including Mito Information Days, Mito Meet-ups and Mito Connect Calls to keep you informed and connected.

Our dedicated Pathways Telehealth Nurse will work with you to develop a tailor-made care plan to provide support, education and connection with other services.

Maximise your success in seeking support under the NDIS.

We offer individual connections within the mito community, reducing loneliness.

The Mito Registry collects important information about Australians with confirmed or suspected mito for the purpose of research into treatments and cures.